Introducing New Inateck Scanner APP and SDK

We are excited to announce that, Inateck has lately released both iOS & Android version of Inateck Scanner APP, as well as SDK for different frameworks! Now for certain Inateck scanners, you can configure it with our APP in one second, and integrate it to your own system effortlessly with our powerful SDK! No matter you need to pair a Bluetooth device, set it up, or develop a fully featured application, our tools will help you in every step!

Currently, our APP & SDK is only applicable to the newer version of BCST-73 & BCST-42. And some may need firmware upgrade before using our APP/SDK, you can see more details here.

Inateck Scanner APP enables you to do fast Bluetooth pairing, easy configuration for some basic functions like volume, vibration, lighting, barcodes, etc. It can even help you identify barcodes, providing you with a one-stop solution! You can set up your scanner without looking into paper user manual, which help you save much time and improve efficiency. Now iOS & Android version of APP are both available.

Inateck Scanner SDK provides you a solution to integrate our scanners to your own company applications. It can seamlessly capture data, and also take control over scanner functionalities. We have SDK for iOS, Android, JS, C++, C#, Python, Java, etc, both documentation guide and samples are available for you. You can view their The integration process can be accomplished within a day, or even an hour in certain cases. Moreover, our exceptional support team is always here to assist you fast!

In the near future, we will even develop the APP for Windows, SDK for Mac, Linux, etc. And the APP/SDK would be applicable to even more Inateck barcode scanners soon! Just stay tuned on our website and sign in our newsletter to get the latest updates! Hope you enjoy using our APP and SDK!

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