Inateck New BCST-91 Barcode Scanner with Mega-Pixel Resolution Released

Inateck once again shock the industry with our latest innovation, our new BCST-91 2D Wireless Bluetooth® 5.3 Barcode Scanner with Mega-Pixel Resolution now released.

Designed for efficiency and accuracy, the Inateck BCST-91 has several impressive features that cater to the evolving needs of businesses across various industries. Here are some of the standout features of it:

1. Optimized Scanning Capabilities: Equipped with a mega-pixel CMOS scanning module, BCST-91 can effortlessly read high-density and small barcodes, blurry, damaged, or long barcodes. Mega-pixel resolution ensures precision and speed, making it ideal for high-volume scanning tasks.

2. Support APP and SDK: SDK provide you the solution to integrate our BCST-91 to your own company systems seamlessly. By downloading Inateck Scanner APP, you can configure the functions of BCST-91 more conveniently. All these will help you boost the overall productivity

3. Three Connectivity Methods: With Bluetooth® 5.3 technology, the BCST-91 offers reliable wireless connectivity, enabling paring with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. It can also support 2.4G base and wire connection, just choose one fits you most.

3. Smart Base: The BCST-91 comes with a smart base that not only serves as a charging station but also transmits the data while scanning. This feature is particularly useful for retail checkout, inventory management, and more, eliminating battery anxiety, improving workflow efficiency.

4. Long-lasting Battery: With superb built-in rechargeable battery, it ensures 28h continuous working, or 50k times continuous scanning. It is invaluable for businesses with demanding scanning requirements.

5. Touch Switch Buttons: 2 buttons on the smart base for your easier operation. One is used to switch between auto-induction model and auto laser-off mode, the other is for switching between Bluetooth connection and 2.4G connection. Without scanning code on user manual or setting via APP, you can just press the buttons to control.

For more information about the BCST-91 Barcode Scanner and, please visit our official website here.

As businesses always seeking ways to improve efficiency and accuracy, the BCST-91 barcode scanner is our another new dedication to meeting these requirements. We will continue to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions for businesses worldwide.

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