How to Choose an Inateck Barcode Scanner for your Business?

Barcode scanners are essential tools for business that needs to quickly and accurately track inventory, sales, and other data. Inateck, a leading manufacturer of barcode scanners, offers a range of scanners that are suitable for a variety of business needs. In this article, we will explore how to choose an Inateck barcode scanner for your business.

Determine your business needs
Before you start shopping for a barcode scanner, it's important to determine what type of scanning needs you have. Do you need a scanner for retail point of sale (POS) scanning, inventory management, or document tracking? Do you need a general purpose scanner with fixed mount on the desk, a bluetooth hand scanner to hold on your hand, a mini portable scanner to take on your pocket wherever you go, or a wearable glove barcode scanner to free your hands for more flexibility and higher productivity? Knowing the type of scanning you'll be doing will help you choose the right scanner for your needs. You can view general purpose scanner on inateck site here, and portable/wearable scanners here.

Choose the scanning technology
Inateck offers 3 types of scanning technologies: laser, CCD and CMOS imager.

  • Laser scanners use a laser beam to read the barcode, it can read 1D barcodes on paper, Laser barcode scanners are typically more accurate and faster than other types of barcode scanners, such as CCD scanners. They can read barcodes from a greater distance and at wider angles, making them better suited for scanning barcodes on products that are difficult to reach or read. The typical Inateck laser barcode scanners are BCST-70, BCST-60, P6, and BCST-33.
  • CCD scanners uses an array of tiny LED lights to illuminate the barcode and a CCD sensor to read the barcode. CCD scanners are best suited for reading linear barcodes even on screen and are typically less expensive than imager scanners. The typical Inateck laser barcode scanners are P7, BS01002, and BS02004.
  • Imager barcode scanner uses a small camera to take a picture of the barcode and then uses software to decode the image. Imager scanners are capable of reading both 1D and 2D barcodes, making them more versatile than CCD scanners. Imager scanners can also capture barcodes from a greater distance and at wider angles, making them better suited for scanning barcodes on products that are difficult to reach or read. However, they are usually more expensive than CCD scanners. The typical Inateck imager scanner are BCST-52, BCST-54, BCST-55, BCST-73 and BCST-71.
Consider the scanning distance
If you would like to get a wireless scanner, you will have to consider about the transmission distance. Different Inateck barcode scanners have different scanning distances like 40m, 90m, and 100m. If you need to scan barcodes from a very long distance, you can consider about BCST-54, BCST-55, P6, and P7 with 100m distance. BCST-52 comes with a decent 90m distance which is also quite good. If you don’t need that much, you can consider about BCST-73, BCST-70, BCST-60. BCST-42, BCST-43 with 40m transmission distance.

Determine the types of barcodes you need to scan
Different barcodes have different symbologies, or coding patterns. Inateck offers scanners that can read a wide variety of symbologies, including EAN, UPC, Code 39, Code 128, Data Matrix, PDF417, QR code, and more. Make sure you choose a scanner that can read the type of barcode you need to scan. If you basically need to read only 1D barcodes, then you can choose among Inateck BCST-70, 60, 33, P6, P7, etc. If you need to scan 2D codes, then you might think about our BCST-52, 54, 55, 73.

Consider the connectivity options
Inateck offers barcode scanners that can connect to your computer via USB, Bluetooth or 2.4G wireless dongle. If you need a scanner that can be used wirelessly in mobile situations like in warehouse or library, make sure you choose a scanner with Bluetooth or 2.4G connectivity here. If you just want to use it in a fixed position with stable connection, you can buy our USB barcode scanner here.

Look for additional features
Inateck offers barcode scanners with additional features, such as vibration and beep notifications, automatic scanning, and more. Consider which features will be useful for your business needs. You can use our website compare feature on the collection page to see their detailed differences, just click ADD TO COMPARE for the scanners you are interested in as follows, then click “Product Comparison” button on the right to see the details.

Custom Solutions
Sometimes you may need to add some customized functions to your barcode scanner like auto scanning, hiding characters, adding prefix/suffix, and adjusting volumes, etc. Some Inateck barcode scanners have this customized options for you. Just choose among our BCST-54, 55, 70, 60, 33, 42, 43, P6, P7. When you have such requirement, just Email our customer service, we will provide you a personalized software to help you make customization.

Consider about the conditions while using, would you use the scanner in a fixed mount while scanning without holding it? Or would you need a charging base to charge the scanner conveniently without connecting cables? If so, you can consider about getting an Inateck BCST-S adjustable stand, or an Inateck BS04001 smart charging base together with the scanners. And Inateck even offer bundle offers when you buy accessories with scanners.

Look at the warranty
Inateck offers 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year standard warranty on its barcode scanners. But if you want a longer warranty period in case of any issues occur in the future, you can also choose an extended 6-month warranty from us while placing a new order on our site for most models. Just find it on the product page, the extended warranty price for different models may vary.

In conclusion, choosing an Inateck barcode scanner for your business requires careful consideration of your business needs, scanning technology, scanning distance, scanning technology, barcode symbologies, connectivity options, customization availability, additional features, accessories, and warranty. By following these steps, you'll be able to choose the right Inateck barcode scanner for your business.

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