Inateck New Flagship QR Barcodescanner BCST-54 & BCST-55 Released

Inateck BCST-54 2D Wireless Barcode Scanner with Base Released2D wireless barcode scanner become more and more widely used around the world for retail cashless payment, medicinal packages, logistics tracking, etc. Inateck never stop our steps of developing more cutting-edge QR barcode scanner for different business to improve their working efficiency. 

From this month, Inateck has released 2 flagship models: Inateck BCST-54 2D Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner with Smart Base and BCST-55 2D scanner without base. What are their main improvements compared to the previous similar BCST-50 and BCST-52 2D scanners? Here they are:

  1. Decoding ability is higher
  2. Buffer size is improved from 2MB to 4MB
  3. Transmission distance is improved from 30M to 100M
  4. Battery capacity is improved from 2000mAh to 2600mAh
  5. New vibration notification enabled
  6. Extra expert support is provided. 

And thanks to our own R&D team and manufacturing facility, we are capable of offering you custom configuration and expert support for these 2 new models. Give us a detailed description of your requirements, we can provide you with a perfect custom firmware solution!

Inateck BCST-55 2D Wireless Barcode Scanner Released.

Get Inateck BCST-54 & BCST-55 QR barcodescanners, then you are on the way of bringing yourcompany work effiency to next level! Welcome to order here. If you have any questions or need quote from us, just feel free to Email,we will try our best to help! 

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