Five Benefits of Using Bluetooth 2D Barcode Scanner

The Bluetooth barcode scanners may function in the same way as the corded scanners, except that they connect to the mobile devices or the base stations through Bluetooth. We now have the laser, linear, and the 2D bar code scanners available in the market. The laser and the linear image scanners can read the 1D (dimension) barcodes. The Bluetooth 2D bar code scanner is the most versatile upgrade that can read all kinds of barcodes. Here are the benefits of the latest innovation.

1. Effective Reading Of All Bar Code Types
The 2D barcode scanners can be used to effectively read all kinds of bar codes including the stacked, 1D, or 2D bar codes. Choosing a 2D scanner is being ready for the future.

2. Orientation
The 2D bar code scanners can reorient themselves automatically and the user is not required to align it. Hence there is lesser aiming issue involved and the readings are also more accurate.

3. Plug and Play
There is no installation drive required for the new 2D bar code scanners. The feature helps you save computer space as well as time. All you need to do is to plug the USB or connect via Bluetooth or even 2.4G USB adapter, then you are ready to scan all kinds of bar codes.

4. Long Lasting
The 2D barcode scanners have a robust built and are made of pressure and shock resistant materials. Excessive weight or the day-to-day falls, impacts, and shocks do not harm the built or functioning of the scanner. In addition, usually they have long battery life which can last 15-30 days depending on the scanner types.

5. Ergonomic Design and Grip
Fatigue not only reduces the effectiveness but may also be a cause of errors. The 2D scanners have a nice grip and an ergonomic design and can be used for hours without any fatigue. They also have a very lightweight and can be used and carried conveniently.

A new 2D Bluetooth barcode scanner is compatible with all kinds of operating systems including Windows, Mac iOS and Linux among others. 2D barcodes are the future as they can read and decode much more codes, which the 1D barcodes cannot. The barcodes can also be used for customers to checking out via POS system, managing and tracking the inventory, etc. A 2D bar code should make your preference because of its multiple benefits and sustainability. Inateck 2D barcode scanners are those top in the market, welcome to get it to improve your working efficiency!

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