PR02002 thermal receipt printer

Simplify Your Work Procedure

Officelab PR02002 applies to kitchens, check-out counters, as well as other occasions that require thermal receipt printers. No ink box or toner is needed. The printing speed can reach 150mm/s. A perfect choice for your businesses.


The supported width of the thermal receipt covers 80mm and 58mm (3 1/8�and 2 1/4�, with the diameter of paper roll below 80mm. Officelab offers this kind of receipt paper.

Compatible System: Windows and Mac OS. Note that the PR02002 is not compatible with iOS, Android, Linux, or Chrome OS.

The printer is compatible with printers based on ESC/POS commands. If you are not sure of the command type of your POS software, please consult the POS manufacturer. The printer cannot work with the POS software that has specified printer brands.


Full Operational Guide and Consummate Service Support

A 5-language instruction manual (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish) and a USB flash disk are packaged.

USB Flash Disk Contains

1. Driver

2. Operational Guide;

3. Video Guide;

4. Common FAQ.

Besides that, we possess a strong engineering team and local language support. If you have any problem regarding the product, we are always there for you.


Logo Customization Setting

The PR02002 supports the logo customization function. You can set the customized logos with the help of the Officelab User Tool inside the USB flash disk. You can turn your receipt into a publicity media by printing the logo on it.


1. The function works under Windows systems only.

2. The logo file must be black-and-white bitmap for a single digit, in BMP format within 7KB. If you have any problems, please get in touch with us and we can customize the logo file for you.


Full Set of Accessories

1 * PR02002

1 * Instruction Manual

1 * USB Flash Disk (Includes built-in Driver and installation file, common FAQ and video guide)

1 * USB Cable

1 * Serial Cable

1 * Ethernet Cable

1 * Adapter