Compatible Systems: Mac OS X 1.9 and above, Windows XP, Windows 7 and above

Compatible Label Size: Width 48-104mm (1.88-4.25, Height Unlimited

Compatible Label Type: Universal (including Inateck printing paper of different sizes)

Cost-Saving: The printer requires no toner cartridge, carbon powders, ribbon or other consumables, and prints labels in an economical way.

Fast Printing Speed: The printer supports a maximum 150mm/s printing speed.It can output 56 4*6 inch labels in one minute, 30% faster than other regular printers.Greatly improves work efficiency without compromising printing quality.

(Note: Speed can be slower when printing all-black patterns. )

Supports Various-Sized Labels
Compatible with papers of 48-104mm width and limitless height

Fast Printing Speed
With a 150 mm/s printing speed, the printer can send 50 4*6 inch labels per minute.

If you switch to a different paper type, the printer will recognize the new label size automatically.

Your Economical Choice
Requires no ink cartridge or other consumables and comes with highly cost-effective thermal papers

How to Use:

1. Make sure that the power switch is at “Offâ€?status before connecting the printer to the power source.

2. Connect the printer to computer by using the USB cable.

3. Turn on the printer.

4. Insert the folded paper through the inlet of the printer or open its top and then put papers in.

5. Install the drive

Download the drive from the official site or the USB Flash Drive packaged. There's a detailed Mac/Windows drive installation guide. Please carefully read the guide before installing the corresponding drive.

If you have any problems related to our product, welcome to contact Inateck. We’ll help you solve them with utmost sincerity.


Q: There are blurs, white dots, or white lines on the printed label.

A: Please increase the print density, lower print speed or wipe the print head with an alcohol cleaning pen (Please wipe the print head regularly to keep it clean.)

Q: The position of the print result is incorrect (not in the middle, deviates to left/right or up/down).

A: Check whether the paper is installed properly and whether the inlet clamp is clamping the paper closely.

Q: Why is there always a blank paper following a printed one?

A: 1. If such a situation occurs, please check whether the paper type is correctly set. You can set it as “auto-matchr “continuous form paper“ under the settings “Printing Preferences- “Paper/Quality- “Paper Source?

2. The label is oversized.

Q: What am I supposed to do if the paper gets stuck in the printer?

Turn off the printer and open the top. Pull out the jammed/stuck paper from the inlet and install a new one.

Q: Is the printer compatible with Amazon, eBay, UPS, Paypal, Fedex and other logistics platforms?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: How to set the paper size?

If the actual label size does not match the paper size, please go to “Printing Preferences and click “Page Setup to set a correct size.