Inateck Barcode Scanner Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale is on!

If you want to get best deal of the year for Inateck barcode scanners, now it’s the best time! A 10% OFF storewide code BFS10 is available for any customers purchasing any scanners at any quantity now, lasts till Nov. 30, 2022. In addition, a free USB cable will be shipped with your order as a gift!
Inateck Barcode Scanner Black Friday Sale 2022

You may want to know how to choose the right scanners for your business?
First, please make sure if you need a fixed scanner or a portable/handheld scanner when at work. If you need a fixed one, you can choose a 1D USB scanner like BCST-33, or a 2D scanner with mount like BCST-54; Otherwise, consider about our wireless BCST-70 1D bluetooth barcode scanner. BCST-73 2D scanner, or portable scanner here, then you can easily take them away to scan barcodes.

Second, consider about the barcodes to be scanned is 1D or 2D, on screen or not. Then choose a right 1D or 2D barcode scanner on the corresponding collections.

Still have more questions? Welcome to consult our professional expert via online chat or send us a message here. We will try our best to help you find a most proper one for your business! Happy shopping and saving on Black Friday season!

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