Barcode Scanner Offers Greater Mobility with the Help of Bluetooth Technology

Looking for a new barcode scanning system for your business? Get the newest Bluetooth barcode scanner. They work like regular handheld barcode scanners but promise greater mobility as you can use them wirelessly. You simply need to connect the unit via Bluetooth to the computer or POS, and you can begin scanning, doing inventory, and keeping track of your products.

With the absence of cables or wires, your staff can work without feeling restricted or limited or having to work next to the computer. Thus, their tasks are more convenient and easier to do. What's more, Bluetooth barcode scanners can communicate or connect with various devices as long as they are equipped with Bluetooth technology. Whether you have Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS, you can surely utilize this type of barcode scanner.

Bluetooth barcode scanners are not only great because they are wireless and can connect to different devices. The latest models also boast added features. Here are some of their noteworthy capabilities:

1. Ability to read various types of barcodes

Unlike old barcode scanners, the latest ones have stronger recognition capability. They can read various types of 1D barcode such as UPC, EAN, and ITF. Some models can even read QR codes and Data Matrix codes, which are types of 2D barcodes. More advanced barcodes can perform lightning scanning and upload of blurry or broken barcodes under strong and dim light.

2. Longer battery life and connection distance

Leading barcode manufacturers take into account the common challenges involved in using Bluetooth and wireless devices such as battery life and connection problems. Since Bluetooth barcode scanners are used in commercial areas and situations, these units are now designed with longer battery life and connection distance. Some can be used for 15 continuous working days. Other units can work within the maximum distance of 35 meters from the computer.

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